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In Kharkov SHINE Ukraine sells polymer products produced by its partner Ukrhimplast. Ukrhimplast is one of few Ukrainian converters that produce high-quality polyethylene products with rotomolding method.

We can propose the following products:

- Tanks for storage and transportation of any foodstuff, including pure potable water;

- Tanks for storage of the majority of chemical products;

- Tanks applied to installation on industrial agricultural sprayers (V = 600 liters,   V = 2000 liters);

- Tanks for staining in a ground;

- Sleeve for dump of building dust from height of buildings to 75 m;

- Toilet independent mobile cabins;

- Blocks road water filling;

- Sinks of wheels «Pure path», with success applied on various building sites, at departure of cargo motor transport, and also can be applied in zones of alienation of the sanitary control;

Please, contact us and order the products of Ukrhimplast company. To wholesale buyers we give discounts!

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