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Polymer additives help converters to improve performance of products and reduce raw materials costs. Today one of the most popular additives is CaCO3 concentrate.

In 2009 SHINE Group became an exclusive distributor of Heritage Plastics, Inc. in CIS and in Eastern Europe.

Heritage Plastics, Inc. is one of the worlds’ leaders in producing high quality CaCO3 carbonates for plastics.


Main advantages of CaCO3 concentrates using are following:

  • Increased Productivity;
  • Improved performance;
  • Significant savings on raw material costs.

Heritage Plastics, Inc. produces a unique class of compounded plastic materials designed to improve the performance and productivity of many plastics applications. Heritage Plastics is known globally for boosting the performance of extrusion, extrusion coating, blow molding, thermoforming processes and injection molding. CaCO3 concentrates increase throughput rates, cycle times, product properties all while reducing material costs. The ingredients in calcium carbonate concentrates are approved for use in direct food contact packaging under paragraphs 177.1520 and 184.1409 of Title 21CFR of the Code of Federal Regulations, with no restrictions.

SHINE Swiss offers to its customers:

- LLDPE based CaCO3 concentrate HM10®Max TDS.pdf MSDS.pdf Application Guide
- PP based CaCO3 concentrate Hical ™LC TDS.pdf MSDS.pdf Application Guide
- PS based CaCO3 concentrate StyroCal™HP TDS.pdf MSDS.pdf Application Guide

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