PVC imports to Ukraine rose 28% in the first eleven months of 2016

Published: 23 December 2016


(MRC) -- Imports of suspension polyvinyl chloride (SPVC) into Ukraine grew in the first eleven months of 2016 by 28% year on year, totalling 100,500 tonnes, according to MRC"s DataScope report.

November SPVC imports into Ukraine seasonally decreased to 8,700 tonnes, compared with 10,500 tonnes in October 2016. Local producers of PVC compounds and window profiles reduced volumes of purchases of PVC. Overall SPVC imports rose to 100,500 tonnes in January-November 2016 from 78,600 tonnes a year earlier.

The structure of PVC imports into Ukraine by countries looked the following way over the stated period.

November SPVC imports from the USA were 2,800 tonnes, compared to 4,200 tonnes a month earlier. Thus, imports of US resin totalled 54,500 tonnes in January-November 2016, compared to 31,700 tonnes a year earlier.

February and March accounted for the peak of PVC imports from the United States, which corresponded to purchasing in November 2015-January 2016, when export prices were very low. Last month"s shipments of European PVC to the Ukrainian market decreased to 4,200 tonnes from 5,200 tonnes in October. Overall imports of European PVC to Ukraine totalled 37,900 tonnes in the eleven months of the year, compared to 38,100 tonnes a year earlier.

Ukrainian companies have increased purchases of Russian PVC since the end of September, November imports of Russian PVC were less than 1,800 tonnes against 1,200 tonnes a month earlier. Imports of Russian PVC into the country over the eleven months of the year decreased to 7,300 tonnes against 7,600 tonnes year on year.
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